Your first meal onboard

Admittedly meals are a major part of the cruise experience. And don’t you agree that it’s what make your vacation something out of the ordinary … the chance to dine out and sample new dishes?

As I’ve blogged about earlier there are plenty of ways to satisfy your palate on your cruise ship. And I’ve written about how the first night on board can be overwhelming. Many first time cruisers head to the ship’s main dining room for their first dinner on board and will “save” one of the specialty restaurants for a special occasion later in the cruise.

Here’s a novel idea… how about dropping the chaos of 1500 fellow cruisers wanting to dine at the same place and time and rather start your vacation with a quiet and relaxed dinner in one of the restaurants charging a minor add on. The idea is that many cruise ships offer a discount on the surcharge in the specialty restaurants on the first night of the cruise. Other ships may provide a free bottle of wine with your dinner or up the service as the first night may be a bit more slow than later in the cruise.

No matter where you decide to have your first dinner of the cruise, it is set to be an experience to remember!