May I take your bags?

May I take your bags?

With these words your cruise is on!

The cab just stopped in front of the terminal and the cruise ship towers like a highrise. Spirits and expectations are high. It is one of the many red caps on the dock who offers to take care of your luggage and as soon as you’ve accepted you know your luggage is on it’s way to your stateroom.

As you’ve paid the cab driver and made sure it’s the right tags on your suitcases and bags, your cruise is really getting close. Now its all about finding all the documents and your passport while you get in line to enter the terminal building. Just inside the building you show your documents and pass through the security check point, just like at the airport only more relaxed.

The terminal is teeming with life. Thousands of happy people queue to check in and get their key cards. The lines move swiftly and soon you’ll hold your own key card and welcome pack. Now all you have to do is follow the signs to the vessel.

On the gangway the ship’s photographers have set up their colorful backdrops of the ship and ask to take your “welcome aboard” photo. It’s free … to have your picture taken, and tonight you can see your picture in the photo gallery onboard. But, you should expect to part with a few bucks to be able to bring the photo home with you.

The next photo is mandatory and won’t cost you a dime. It’s the security guard who needs a photo of you to store in the ship’s computers that the security team will check everytime you go ashore and join the ship during the cruise.

Welcome aboard!