What’s the best cruise ship?

What’s the best cruise ship?

There are so many cruise ships that you’ll easily find one to suit your taste. Big or small, luxurious or primitive… It’s impossible to tell which ship is better.

I have a personal favorite cruise ship based upon the many ships I’ve cruise with and visited in port. Before declaring a ship to be the best, you’ll need to consider a few things:

Is it important that the ship is small enough to visit smaller and lesser known ports? Or should it be so large that you might not get around to dine in all the restaurants during a week’s cruise? Do I want to see a new Broadway-style show each night?  Or do you want to sit with a quiet drink watching the sun set in the horizon? Where do you want to go? Do you want to cruise with kids?

American cruise line Royal Caribbean Internation has plenty of activities onboard, Spanish cruise line Pullman Tours offers culturally diverse cruises and German cruise line Aida only has buffet restaurants.

Do you have a favorit cruise ship of your own?