Your cabin… Where and how?

Your cabin… Where and how?

A cruise is about relaxing. About getting the most out of your vacastion. About choice. And on a cruise you have the option to chose exactly the cabin you want.

With 1,500 or 3,000 cabins to chose from, this choice may seem a bit overwhelming. Mut with a bit of guidance from me and a close look at the ship’s deck plan you can easily find the cabin that’s right for you.

Generally your experience onboard will be the same regardless of the type of cabin you book–from an inside on the lowest tdeck to the grandest suite. As soon as you leave your room and walk into the public areas nobody can tell which type of cabin you stay in.

My first piece of advice is this; determine your budget. There will be cabins in a lot of price ranges and you will always find one that is a bit better, but also pricier. Chose the cabin that is closest to your budget–this will ensure that you get the most for your money and the best time on board the ship. Of course it is nice to wake up and enjoy the view from your own balcony, but if you stay in an inside cabin you can always enjoy the wind in your face on the sundeck.

Second piece of advice: Do you plan to lounge by the pool all day? Or would you rather enjoy the peace of your own cabin? Decide on how large a cabin you’ll need. On the newer cruise ships the cabins are almost as large as land based hotel rooms and a standard cabin has room for a queen size bed, a lounge area and a desk.

Thirdly: Check the deck plan. When you have chosen a cabin type, use the deck plan to find which part of the ship is better for you. Would you like to be close to the elevators, but have a lot of traffic in the corridor? Or would you like to view the ship’s wake, but be far from the elevators? Would you like to be on a high deck with a great view, but perhaps feel the ship’s motion a bit more? Or by the waterline with less motion, but also less view?

Which cabin do you choose?