The best stateroom is … yours

The best stateroom is … yours

Many cruise ships litterally have thousands of cabins and staterooms to choose from. Usually you may choose from inside and outside cabins, balcony rooms and suites. And in each of these categories you’ll find numerous subcategories.

It is not always easy to choose the right stateroom. And then again, here are some advice to help you get the best room for your cruise.

Traditionally you won’t find a distinction between first class and tourist class on a cruise ship. Everybody has access to the same facilities, restaurants, shows, etc. But the past couple of years has seen a development towards certain room types to include specialty offers, spa access or priority seating in certain restaurants.

If you book a standard cabin you will usually have access to the same facilities as those who stay in a suite, but perhaps subject to a cover charge or extra fee – but perhaps still less than a suite for the whole cruise.

Standard rooms are inside, outside or balcony. Inside cabins don’t have a window, but apart from that offers the same furnishings as outside and balcony rooms. The window (in maritime lingo it’s calls a “porthole”) is replaced with a painting or perhaps a curtain. An outside cabin has a window (that most likely can’t be opened) so you have a chance to look at the ocean flowing by.

Then there are several levels of luxury cabins as spa cabins, junior suites and real suites. Spa rooms are usually located adjacent to the ship’s spa and includes access to a special restaurant with a more “healthy” menu. The junior suites are larger than the standard rooms, have a balcony and are located at the higher decks with a better view. An the suites are the the ship’s largest rooms and leaves nothing to be desired – including wet bar, piano and butler service.

What kind of room do you prefer?