What’s your fascination?

What’s your fascination?

Millions go on a cruise each year. Most are hooked and crave yet another cruise. Many even take more than one cruise a year. Personally I’ve been on six cruises and always have yet another cruise in the planning stages.

When I speak to people about my fascination for cruises most only know about cruises from the movies. Rich elderly ladies with purple hair or overweight topless men doing the belly flop!

I’m different, I’ve been fascinated by cruises and cruise ships for as long as I can remember. I’ve read just about all the colorful brochures and all the books in the library on the subject.

So what’s my fascination, you ask?

Well, it’s not that hard to pinpoint.  I am a sucker for luxury and the finer things in life.  And the best way to get a taste of luxury is to take a cruise.  I know of no other vacation form that will afford you the same high level of attention to detail, service minded staff, great food and high class as a cruise will give you.

While there are many all-inclusive hotels and resorts, they often do not feature nearly the same array of dining options, number of bars, selection of activities … and diversity of cities to visit during your vacation.  Admitted, there are some really high quality land based or island based resorts that rival cruises in their level of luxury, but not nearly at the prices you would pay for a cruise.

From the minute you check you luggage with the dockside porter to the moment the bartender in your favorite watering hole by the pool bar remembers your name and your favorite drink to your dining room waiters remembers your dinner preferences … that’s unique to the cruising experience.

And where, if not on a cruise, can you enjoy the sun set over the sea while watching yet another port disappear into the darkness and look forward to another great Broadway style show. Only on a cruise ship will you find the vast program of shows and activities rotating daily.

That’s what I find fascinating about a cruise. What’s your turn-on?